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Scientists Discover The Key To Blocking Hunger And Losing 10, 20, 30 or More Pounds!

Everybody knows that when you block off your stomach through bariatric surgery, a person can lose a tremendous amount of weight... quickly and effortlessly. But the risks can be potentially dangerous and can cost over $25,000 in out-of-pocket expenses. Plus, unless you are considered clinically obese, you will not qualify for the procedure. That's why thousands of men and women are opting for natural alternatives for blocking hunger. Discover Gastric Fill Technology and control your weight with Bystrictin, the most revolutionary weight loss formula of the decade.

Block Your Hunger

Bystrictin utilizes an all-natural complex with patented and clinically studied ingredients to create an immediate hunger blocking effect, so you eat substantially less food and lose weight without surgery. Simply drink the delicious supercharged liquid, followed by a glass of water, and our sophisticated complex will expand in your stomach over 50X in size - leaving significantly less available space for food. This unique process will trigger your brain to feel SO FULL that you literally won’t want to eat for the next several hours!

How It Works

Only Bystrictin contains Bariaxin, a proprietary complex that utilizes Gastric Fill Technology (GFT). This revolutionary complex is a blend of specialized soluble fibers - NOT stimulants, fat blockers or diuretics. Simply replace 1 - 2 meals with our delicious shake and follow up with a glass of water. The ingredients in Bystrictin will absorb the water and form a blocking gel inside your stomach within minutes. You'll feel completely satisfied without jittery stimulants or harmful side effects. And no need to worry about willpower, because Bystrictin lets you easily replace 1 - 2 meals every day without ever feeling hungry. So you can lose weight from DAY 1... safely and naturally!

Doctor Recommended -

"If you would like to finally be in control of your hunger, eat less and lose all those extra pounds, BYSTRICTIN is the groundbreaking new weight-loss product that can help you accomplish just that. Utilizing breakthrough Gastric Fill Technology (GFT), BYSTRICTIN increases the feeling of fullness by the expansion of dietary fibers in the stomach. Its results are so dramatic that it may be considered a safe alternative to bariatric surgery. BYSTRICTIN is unlike anything you've ever heard or tried before and its top quality ingredients have been proven in credible medical studies. I would recommend BYSTRICTIN to anyone interested in significant weight loss."

Dr. Karen Vieira, Ph.D. Biomedical Sciences


"For The First Time In My Life I Lost Weight..."




I was hungry all the time and never satisfied no matter how much I ate. With Bystrictin, for the first time in my life I lost weight and I'm never hungry anymore. You really just can't eat!
Allen S. - Los Angeles, CA
These results are not typical. Results also included a sensible diet and moderate exercise. Allen is the co-founder of Century Sciences.


"The Weight Just Came Off So Easily."




I've been struggling with weight since I was a child. I've tried every diet and failed. This program is different. I finally have been able to control my eating and the weight just came off so easily. Thank you for a wonderful product!
Sheryl S. - Studio City, CA
These results are not typical. Results also included a sensible diet and moderate exercise.
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Q: How is BYSTRICTIN different than all the other products I've tried?

A: It's simple math. In order to lose weight rapidly your body needs to burn more calories than it consumes. A pound of fat is 3,500 calories. If you burn 500 more calories than you consume each day, you will lose one pound a week. There's simply no getting around the math. That's why diet pills and other so-called fat burning products simply DON'T WORK! The reason BYSTRICTIN is so revolutionary is that it uses Gastric Fill Technology, which produces similar effects as bariatric surgery. It helps restrict calories in a much easier way by leaving less available space in your stomach for food. Furthermore it acts on the brain to release CCK, the hormone that creates the feeling of fullness.


A: BYSTRICTIN is made of the finest all-natural ingredients with no stimulants or harmful substances. Bariaxin™, the active ingredient in BYSTRICTIN is a proprietary complex of specialized soluble fibers that expand over 50X their size when mixed with liquid. Additionally, BYSTRICTIN provides the nutrients necessary for your body to produce energy and burn calories. So not only is BYSTRICTIN absolutely safe to take on a daily basis, but it will be your healthiest meal of the day. If you have any concerns regarding the safety of BYSTRICTIN please consult your physician. Click HERE for Ingredient Label.

Q: How do I use BYSTRICTIN?

A: The BYSTRICTIN formula can be mixed or blended with water, skim milk, soy milk or almond milk. For accelerated weight loss, simply replace two meals a day with a BYSTRICTIN shake followed by an 8 oz. glass of water. Make sure you eat at least one balanced meal per day while you reach your goal weight. To maintain your goal weight, you may use a BYSTRICTIN shake as needed to control cravings and to maintain a healthy calorie level. NOTE: BYSTRICTIN is not meant to be a sole source of nutrition - always eat at least one balanced meal per day.

Q: Is my purchase Guaranteed?

A: We've seen such amazing success with our clients and are extremely confident that you will achieve similar results. If you don't feel the results immediately. If you don't find yourself eating substantially less food without feeling hungry. And if you don't see the fat melting off your body, then we don't want your money. Simply return BYSTRICTIN as directed and we will refund 100% of your purchase price (less s&h).

Q: Is your server secure? Is it safe to order online?

A: YES! Our site uses 128 bit encryption, the highest level of internet security available to protect you and your credit card information.

Q: How does BYSTRICTIN taste?

A: Absolutely delicious! Century Sciences employed some of the finest beverage and flavoring specialists to create a powerful shake that tastes like a decadent dessert. BYSTRICTIN is currently available in two flavors... Swiss Chocolate & Vanilla Bean. Many of our clients experiment with creative recipes to create fun variations by adding fresh fruit and other various treats.

Q: How Does BYSTRICTIN Pay For Itself?

A: BYSTRICTIN is a meal replacement program that works to control your hunger, so you eat less and lose weight quickly. Our delicious shake is designed to replace 1 to 2 meals a day, which is money that you won't be spending on food. If you typically spend about $8 per meal, that means you can SAVE anywhere from $100 - $200 per month! Lose weight and save money... What could be better!

Q: Are There Any Side Effects?

A: BYSTRICTIN contains Bariaxin™, a 100% natural, healthy and powerful complex. Because it has such volumetric (expanding) effects, it might take a few days for some users to adjust to this large amount of specialized soluble fiber. Initially, a few people might experience some degree of gas, loose stools or diarrhea. This will usually subside in a few days and can be greatly reduced by drinking plenty of water. You can always decrease your dosage until the body adjusts and then resume back to full strength in a few days. Remember, almost all of us need more fiber in our diet, so your body will benefit greatly from BYSTRICTIN.

Q: Can I use BYSTRICTIN while pregnant?

A: Although there are no results from any tests that show dangers of using the product while pregnant, it is the policy of Century Sciences to recommend that women who are pregnant or nursing NOT use BYSTRICTIN until breastfeeding has ceased.

Q: Will BYSTRICTIN Interfere With Birth Control Pills?

A: NO! There's nothing in BYSTRICTIN that will interfere in any way with the proper function of any known birth control medications.

Q: Can I Take BYSTRICTIN With Other Medications?

A: Century Sciences cannot provide medical advice or recommend anyone taking any nutritional supplement with other medications without first consulting with your physician.

Q: What If I Have More Questions?

A: We always love to hear from our clients. Please email our support team at: support@bystrictin.com. Please allow approximately 24 hours for a response from our staff.

Bariatric surgery is potentially more dangerous than people think. The International Bariatric Surgery Registry estimates 1 in 1,000 patients will die within four weeks of surgery and 3 in 1,000 will die within three months. Some surgeons in the field put the fatality rate as high as 1 in 100. Century Sciences has taken the successful and effective principles of bariatric surgery and created a possible solution for individuals who don’t qualify for dramatic weight-loss surgery. Bystrictin helps your stomach feel full with less food, helping you eat fewer calories than you normally would, and effectively lose weight.

Key ingredients clinically proven to help you

  • Key Ingredients Are Patented And Clinically Studied
  • Occupies Space In Stomach - Less Space For Food
  • Eat Substantially Less Food Without Feeling Hungry For Hours
  • Safe & Stimulant-Free... No Jitters
  • Releases Body's Fullness Hormone - Feel Full Sooner & Longer
  • Almost ZERO Cravings
  • Easily Eat Fewer Calories Than You Burn
  • Dramatic Results - Feel Effects In Minutes
  • Save Money! Cut Your Cost Per Meal By More Than 50%
  • Delicious Beverage - Your Healthiest Meal Of The Day

Click HERE For Ingredient Label

  NO Drugs/
NO Fat
High Costs


We are so confident in your success that if you are not satisfied in anyway we don't want your money. Just send it back for a full 100% refund of the purchase price (less s&h). NO QUESTIONS ASKED!


Meal Plans Exclusively Designed By Our Registered Dietician

Your Bystrictin body transformation will be the result of your lack of desire to overeat. And just like with gastric bypass patients, your diminished appetite means that your eating habits will also be changing. To help keep you on the right track we're giving you FREE access to a special members-only website that allows you to track your progress, read helpful articles and tips, get delicious recipes and determine how many calories you should be eating to get to your goal weight even faster!

When you login to this website for the first time it will ask you questions and create an action plan specifically tailored to YOUR body. We understand that not everyone is the same age, height, weight and body type - so you will receive a plan that is customized for you. As you lose more and more weight, the website keeps track and charts your progress for you to view at anytime.

Although it is not required for you to use or take advantage of all the components, it will still be there for you when you are ready. And as a Bystrictin client, you will NEVER pay a dime for this valuable membership.


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FDA Compliance:The formula is manufactured in an FDA-compliant facility. It is classified as a dietary supplement, and does not require a doctor's prescription.

GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice): The formula is manufactured under United States GMP guidelines, and carries the GMP seal of approval. "Good Manufacturing Practice" is part of a quality system covering the manufacture and testing of active pharmaceutical ingredients, diagnostics, foods, pharmaceutical products and medical devices.

NSF Certified: This formula is manufactured in a NSF certified for GMP compliance facility.